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Saying good bye to another year can be hard. We are often left reflecting on our actions or lack thereof. I encourage you, let's not get lost or burdened down by the list of missed opportunities of this past year or season. If for no other reason, let us move into the new year pleased with the actions we have taken and the opportunities we did maximize.

As we look ahead to all 2023 could bring, let’s cut through the uncertainty and begin to secure opportunities intentionally. Those opportunities happen when we make focused decisions. From those decisions momentum starts to build. Our momentum increases when we act on the decision and make the first step toward our goals. The principle of inertia tells us objects in motion tend to stay in motion and objects at rest tend to remain at rest. The same principle applies to our goals and ambitions. Your passions and ideas can be more than just hopes and dreams.

At Calhoun & Associates Consulting, we are really good at identifying and preparing you for the next step no matter if that step is your first step! Momentum starts in the moment.

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