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Kelsey Higginson, Systems and Tech Consultant

Kelsey serves as our technical project manager ready to help small to mid size businesses take the next step in technological advancement. Streamlining your business operations and achieving optimal performance has never been easier. Our team of technical consultants specializes in seamless implementation, integration, and end-user training for a wide array of critical software systems, including ERP, CRM, IMS, Project Management, Portfolio Management, and many more.

Additionally, we specialize in transforming and digitizing your project, safety and quality, resource management, and compliance data. By harnessing the power of innovative software, we help you centralize and optimize these crucial aspects of your business, enabling better decision-making, enhanced safety measures, streamlined resource allocation, and adherence to compliance standards.

Let us be your trusted partner in technology, making your vision a reality with seamless implementation, efficient integration, and thorough end-user training. 


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